Business Continuity Planning

Do you have an emergency plan? Does it address these modern risks? Emergencies happen, so Delta Insurance can offer your company the only cloud-based Business Continuity Plan in the New Zealand market. Why? Because if you’re prepared for any eventuality, then that’s good for us too.

Having a BCP…

•  identifies and mitigates risks to give you peace of mind

•  ensures everyone knows what’s going on in a crisis, large or small

•  helps your company to recover quickly and efficiently

•  ensures the least possible reputational damage

•  reduces your premium and reduces your exposure

•  contributes to your regulatory responsibility for Health & Safety

•  makes you battle-hardened and ready to respond

•  is an investment in your future


Designed by industry experts, this cloud-based BCP tool guides you through an intuitive process to produce a customised emergency response plan and provides you with:

•  Best practice expertise

•  A tool which is simple and fast to use

•  Available anywhere anytime

•  A secure portal

•  Peace of mind


With our BCP, not only will you be more prepared for an emergency, Delta will also broaden the coverage we provide you with at no extra cost. 

Visit the Delta BCP login page here.