Pre-loss Services

Have you considered your organisation’s potential exposure to cyber risk? We can assist you in implementing a comprehensive proactive plan with our panel of experts.

  • Identify your cyber risks
  • Assess those risks
  • Prepare a crisis management strategy
  • Assist with Disaster Recovery planning / business continuity planning
  • Assist with Information Security policies and procedures


Cyber Risk Assessment / Health Checks / Cyber Risk Security Audits

A cyber security risk assessment is necessary to identify the gaps in your organisation’s critical risk areas and to determine actions to close these gaps. It will also ensure that you invest time and money in the right areas and do not waste resources.

Malware and Virus Prevention

Develop and adopt strategies and policies that directly address your business processes that are vulnerable to malware (such as email, web browsing, removable media and personally-owned devices). Scan for malware across your organisation and protect all host and client machines with antivirus solutions that will actively scan for malware.

Shielding Services

Website shielding provides DDoS and common web vulnerability protection.

Crisis management strategy/ PR response

Protecting your organisation’s reputation during a crisis is one of the most important jobs of management, but can also be one of the most difficult. Work with crisis communication specialists to ensure you are fully prepared for any scenario.

Disaster recovery planning / business continuity planning

Establish an incident response and disaster recovery capability that addresses the full range of incidents that can occur. An incident response team may need specialist training across a range of technical and non-technical areas.

Information Security Policies and Procedures

Develop policies designed to describe acceptable and secure use of your organisation’s ICT systems. These should be formally acknowledged in employment terms and conditions. All users should receive regular training on the cyber risks they face as employees and individuals. Security related roles (such as system administrators, incident management team members and forensic investigators) require specialist training.


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