Dynarisk Cyber-Protection Tool

According to Netsafe’s latest report, there were 13,000 cyber-attacks in New Zealand last year from either scams or fraud. Financial losses amounted to $33 million and 82% of these losses were not reimbursed. It is clear that cyber security has become a big issue in New Zealand and around the world. When it comes to being safe online, it’s difficult to know where to start.

Delta teams up with global security leader DynaRisk

Delta has partnered with DynaRisk to bring their incredible cyber-protection package to New Zealand and Asia-Pacific. The Dynarisk package is designed for cyber-aware, customer-centric businesses (from banks and telcos to SMEs) who want to help protect their businesses, their customers, their employees and their family members from a cyber scam or fraud.

This user-friendly cyber-protection tool immediately assesses your cyber safety and lets you know how to improve upon it through a step-by-step continuous action plan to tighten security and monitor multiple devices (including scans for vulnerabilities and data breaches).

Breach Report

DynaRisk accesses and reviews 15.8 billion records that have been hacked and are on the Dark Web. Our Breach Report provides a company with details of where they have potentially been compromised.


For further information on how Dynarisk can assist your company, please contact Laura Murray, our Head of Personal Cyber at laura@deltainsurance.co.nz