Embracing technology at the ANZIIF conference

General Manager Craig Kirk was asked to lead a forum discussion at the Insurance Conference NZ in Auckland on the changing face of technology in the industry.

The conference this year focused on the changes taking place with customer engagement and how it can benefit both the customer and the organisation. Topics discussed were how to improve customer experience and gain a competitive edge, how new technology can add value to the customer, and how Air New Zealand created such a successful customer experience programme.

Amongst other things General Manager Craig Kirk addressed the following topics in his panel discussion:

“Delta is a massive believer in embracing technology. It has been very successful for us – our proprietary end-to-end underwriting and claims management system has provided huge efficiency which has enabled us to deliver best in market service to our broker partners, and customers. It is also very scalable enabling us to deploy our platform into Singapore within less than a month.

Insurtech is incredibly exciting and an enormous opportunity to improve the industry. It all translates into benefits for the client – improved pricing (eg. predictive analytics), improved and real-time risk assessment (eg. telematics, IoT), easier access to insurance (eg. digital offerings), more relevant offerings, and increased transparency. We are seeing many tech innovations being embraced by the insurance industry and expect this trend to continue; Artificial intelligence, botchat, image recognition, blockchain, IoT, machine learning, predictive analytics, just to name a few.

As a country that is recognised as an innovator on the global stage in relation to technology (amongst other things), the question is how can we work more effectively with technology partners to ensure that the insurance industry evolves and advances. The tech sector is amazingly innovative and entrepreneurial and is the third largest exporter in NZ. We can learn a lot from this sector!”

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