Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance provides you with cover for costs involved with legal action arising from carrying out your management and fiduciary duties. Directors and Officers are accountable for their actions and can be exposed to serious liability risks. They can be personally liable for their legal obligations and any resulting lawsuits can be time consuming and costly to defend.

Possible legal action can arise from either employees (including wrongful dismissal, harassment, unfair work practices and unsafe work environments) or from third parties (including shareholders, bond holders, creditors, liquidators, competitors or regulators).

Coverage Benefits

Provides comprehensive cover for Directors & Officers to protect themselves from claims alleging mismanagement. Cover includes:


  • Defence costs provided in addition to the policy limit
  • Any amounts paid as damages or settlements
  • Defence costs relating to an Occupational Health & Safety breach or Pollution occurrence
  • Emergency and Public Relations costs
  • An additional cover is provided for Non-Executive Directors should the underlying limit be exhausted


Cover will automatically extend to include the Company’s costs of indemnifying the Director or Officer The Company can also buy an additional “Corporate Liability” Coverage to protect against Securities Claims


NZ and Pacific Islands domiciled risks

Worldwide Jurisdiction can be provided


Target Segments

This comprehensive solution can be tailored to any size of company whether private or publicly listed.



Up to $30m

The Directors & Officers and Corporate Liability limits can be aggregated in order to achieve premium savings if required

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