Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal fees have reached a level where businesses are having to consider whether or not to participate in legal actions, particularly for SMEs where they feel they have no support when entering into contracts with larger entities.
SMEs also often struggle to keep up to date with business legislation and regulatory requirements, including data protection, employment, health and safety, or many other industry specific regulatory requirements.
Legal Expenses insurance offers cover that protects your business, your directors and your employees against the potential costs of legal action brought by or against you.

Coverage Benefits

• Free access to telephone advice from experienced lawyers

• No alleged liability is required to activate the policy, merely the fact a dispute exists

• Cover for a wide range of situations/disputes which would not trigger a liability policy

• Designed as a complementary product to protect your business’ legal risk

• Both pursuit and defence coverage included (legal pursuit coverage is outside the remit of standard liability policies)



• New Zealand domiciled risks

• Worldwide Jurisdiction can be considered on request

Target Segments

• Broad range of industries


Up to $100,000, however can explore higher limits depending on the proposal

Coverage includes

Property disputes – pays for legal expenses in disputes in relation to your business premises including possession/eviction, landlord and tenant matters, physical damage, nuisance and trespass to your property

Data protection – pays for the legal expenses for any dispute brought against you under the privacy legislation

Statutory Licence – pays legal fees for an appeal by you against a loss, revocation, suspension or proposed amendment to your operating licenses

Employees breach of restrictive covenants – pays legal expenses in pursuing legal proceedings against a former employee who have breached their contractual obligations

Employment disputes – pays legal expenses incurred by you for defending proceedings brought against you by an employee or ex-employee (optional)

Commercial contract disputes – pays legal expenses in the pursuit or defence of legal proceedings with a customer or supplier, including pursuit of unpaid invoices