M&A / Transaction Liability Insurance

Transaction Liability insurance (sometimes known as M&A or W&I insurance) provides cover to either the buyer or the seller in a Sale & Purchase transaction. As well as providing cover for breaches of general Warranties and Indemnities in a transaction they can also be specifically tailored to respond to unexpected tax, litigation or other contingent risks that may arise post the Transaction.

In the main, they are used to help facilitate deals, remove obstacles to transactions being completed or unlock funds otherwise reserved against potential liabilities.

Coverage Benefits

We can provide a number of broad coverage benefits including:

  • Warranty & Indemnity insurance
  • Tax Liability insurance
  • Litigation Buyout insurance
  • Special Situation or Contingent Risk insurance

We offer bespoke coverage tailored to specific deal dynamics.

We provide commercial terms and pricing and can work within tight time-frames to ensure insurance works as a seamless complement to a transaction.


NZ and Pacific Islands domiciled risks


Target Segments

We can consider risks from a broad range of industries



Up to $30m

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