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Personal and Household Cyber Protection Insurance

Your mobiles, laptops and other personal devices are incredibly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Many of us want to do something about it but don’t know where to start. Our cover helps you to bounce back after a cyber attack, but more importantly helps you prevent it in the first place.


We minimise your exposure to a cyber attack with a tool that monitors your family’s devices and the dark web for breaches of your data, generates a cyber risk score, and then scans and puts in place your personalised preventative action plan. If you fall victim to an attack, our specialist partner will support you to get back up and running with minimum hassle or stress.

Free IT Consultation

You can book a time for an IT technician to call you at home and assess the security of your home network via remote access on your PC.

Identity Theft

Covers professional and personal direct expenses and credit monitoring.

Connected Home Device

Covers the cost to repair or replace computer hardware & smart appliances.

Data Loss Recovery

Covers expenses to restore personal information or digital assets.

Cyber Extortion Protection

Pays for expenses and ransom.

Online Shopping Fraud

Covers your financial loss from unauthorised use.

Cyber Bullying

Covers you for psychiatric services, professional digital forensic analysis to aid in prosecution and professional cyber security consultant services.


New Zealand

Target Segments

Businesses that want to mitigate their cyber risk, at home as well as at work.

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