Personal and Household Cyber Protection Insurance

Many consumers believe they will be subject to a cyber-attack within the next year and want to do something about it but don’t know where to start.

Our Personal and Household Cyber Protection insurance is the first available in New Zealand. It not only covers consumers in the event of a cyber attack, but through our partnership with DynaRisk, it also helps them to optimise their cyber security by monitoring their devices and informing them when they have been subject to a cyber attack.

Personal and Household Cyber Protection insurance helps individuals and families reduce their exposure to a cyber attack, and gives them peace of mind in the event of specific cyber risks.

1. Dynarisk Risk Management

What can you do to help prevent a cyber attack in the first place?

We provide access to Dynarisk Cyber Protection, providing the tools to assess the current cyber risk with a personal security score and a step-by-step guide to improve on cyber security by scanning for vulnerabilities and identifying data breaches.


2. Identity Protection

What happens if your personal information is stolen?

We cover the professional services expenses, personal direct expenses and credit monitoring services necessary to reverse the consequences of suffering an identity theft.

3. Data Loss Recovery

What if you lose all of your photos and your data?

We cover the costs to restore personal information or digital assets where they are corrupted, deleted or destroyed as a direct result of any unauthorised access or a breach of network security.

4. Connected Home Device Attack Protection

What if your smart home appliances are exposed to a cyber attack?

We cover the costs incurred to repair or replace computer hardware that has been corrupted or destroyed due to unauthorised access or a breach of network security.


5. Network Extortion Protection

What do you do if someone holds your data for ransom?

We cover the network extortion expenses for services to avoid, defend, or resolve a network extortion, including any ransom.

6. Mobile Banking Protection

What if you have detected unauthorised transactions on your mobile payment app?

We cover you for financial loss arising from the unauthorised use of a mobile payment app following the loss or theft of a mobile device.

7. Unauthorised Online Transactions

What if you have detected unauthorised transactions with your bank and they won’t pay you back?

We cover unauthorised online transactions where the financial institution who provides your primary personal account will not reimburse the funds, for any reason other than set off or allegations of misconduct. Please note however that cover does not extend to credit card fraud.


8. Consultation Service

What do you do when you want help setting up your cyber security settings or when you find out you’ve been hacked?

We provide access to free advice from our approved IT Consultants on matters relating to your network.