Personal and Household Cyber Protection Insurance

There are no good stories from those who have experienced being hacked or cyber bullied. Mobiles, laptops and other personal devices are incredibly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Many of us want to do something about it but don’t know where to start.

With Delta’s Personal and Household Cyber insurance, the first of its kind in New Zealand, we help you to bounce back after a cyberattack, and help you to prevent it happening in the first place.

Our IT specialists assist you with your device and home network to remedy any vulnerabilities that cyber criminals can exploit. The DynaRisk dark web monitoring tool gives you a step-by-step guide to improving the cyber security of you and your family. If you fall victim to an attack, our specialist claims partner, CyberScout will support you to get back up and running.

1. Free IT Consultation

How do I get a personalised ‘cyber health check’ for my home network?

We provide access to free advice from our approved IT Consultant on best practice security and computer set up relating to your home network.


2. Dynarisk Management

What can I do to prevent a cyber attack in the first place?

We provide Dynarisk’s Ultimate level of cyber protection, giving you the tools to assess your current risk with a personal cyber security score. You will be able to monitor credit cards and your family’s personal devices and emails, and receive personalised to-do actions to improve your household’s cyber security while DynaRisk continues scanning for vulnerabilities and identifying any data breaches.


3. Identity Theft

What happens if my personal information is stolen?

We cover the professional services expenses, personal direct expenses and credit monitoring services necessary to reverse the consequences of suffering an identity theft.

4. Data Loss Recovery

What if a cyber criminal corrupts my photos or data?

We cover the costs to restore personal information or digital assets where they are corrupted, deleted or destroyed as a direct result of any unauthorised access or a breach of network security.


5. Connected Home Device Attack Protection

What if one of my personal smart devices are exposed to an attack?

We cover the costs incurred to repair or replace computer hardware that has been corrupted or destroyed due to unauthorised access or a breach of your personal network security.


6. Cyber Extortion Protection

What do I do if someone holds my data for ransom?

We cover the network extortion expenses for services to avoid, defend, or resolve a network extortion, including any ransom.

7. Unauthorised Online Transactions

What if I have detected unauthorised transactions and my bank won’t reimburse me?

We cover unauthorised online transactions and unauthorised mobile banking app transactions from your personal bank accounts.


8. Online Shopping Fraud

What happens if I get scammed by a fake website and my goods are never sent?

We cover your loss of funds if a third party has used a fake or fraudulent website to induce you into purchasing goods that were never delivered to you. All claims under this section must first be evaluated by our expert service provider, CyberScout, to determine whether you or a third party is accountable for the loss.


9. Cyber Bullying

What support can I get if someone in my household is the target of cyber bullying?

Contact our expert service provider, CyberScout, to confirm this is a Cyber Bullying Event, then we will cover you for the reasonable expenses you incur. This includes up to 15 hours of psychiatric services, professional digital forensic analysis to aid in the prosecution of the event, or professional cyber security consultant services. The maximum we will pay is $25,000.