Property Insurance

Delta Property Insurance has secured 100% of its Capacity from Lloyd’s of London for 2018 and has over $4 billion of New Zealand wide capacity. We are able to write up to $10 million any one location depending on the occupation of the business and its age and construction characteristics. We can deploy this capacity to either write an account 100%, or to act as a co-insurer alongside a local insurer.

Risk Appetite

Our desired risk appetite is key areas of office, residential and light commercial risks.

We have some capacity available for Pre 35 Risks and also for risks located in earthquake sensitive areas such as Wellington, Marlborough and Christchurch.

We have some limited capacity for higher hazard risks however our desire is to build a strong base of better quality risks that will ensure a viable and sustainable portfolio for years to come.

Locations that have poor claims history or located in problematic geographic areas susceptible to flooding will also only have limited capacity available. We will only be able to participate as a co-insurer on large scale buildings and locations, and complex risks.

Packaging of Policies

Across Delta Group we have a broad suite of great products and we will look to package our offering together for both new accounts and accounts where you already have one or more products placed with us.


Policy Wording & Summary of Changes

Applies to all Delta Property Renewal and New Business effective from 1 October 2020 onwards.

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Policy Wording pre-October 2020

Applies to all Delta Property Policies effective prior to 1 October 2020.

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Policy Coverage

Delta Property Insurance has developed its own Policy Wording and Schedule that blends in well with other offerings in the market.

Some key differences are in Money cover, which is now one fixed all inclusive cover instead of the traditional Money A and Money B approach.

The treatment of Refrigerated and Frozen Foods has also been combined and simplified.


All our Property Claims will be outsourced to Sedgwick who provide a comprehensive service across their nationwide office network.

Naturally Sedgwick will have local claim settling authority and claims funds held in New Zealand to ensure a quality claims response to meet your customer’s needs.


For enquiries, please contact:

Andrew Beaton
Managing Director

09 300 3079

M 021 352 018