Some guiding principles for Delta

Delta’s brand values were coming up six years old.  It was time to revisit them as most of the team weren’t around when they were conjured up …  actually all but two of us! Time to find out what was important to us all.

Two weeks before our team strategy day in mid-February, everyone was asked to come up with a vision, mission and values that they’d like to work with and work towards. 40 responses and 200 pictures and words later and we had a great start. 

Board Advisor Kent Chaplin and Marketing Manager Andrew Gair facilitated a 90 minute session (more like watched on!) as teams of three worked together to reduce the 40 submissions to 14 and then as a collective, we whittled that down to the following set of guiding principles that we are now all proud to call our own!

Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Values

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