Techweek seminars – With new innovation comes new risks

Delta Insurance  partnered with Deloitte Private and Augen Software Group to present three of the 538 events organised for Techweek throughout New Zealand.

Start-up and high growth organisations deal with increasingly complex and changing environments. Our seminar offered an insight into the kinds of exposures tech businesses face, the mitigation tactics needed to tackle these issues and suggestions as to how start-ups can balance their growth objectives with good risk management practices.

Delta’s John Moore, Financial Lines Manager, and Sharna Garbett, Claims Consultant, drew on their many years of tech experience and highlighted reoccurring trends, discussed real world incidents and stressed the importance of managing risk in innovation.

Mitchell Pham, Director of Augen Software Group, shared his insights on the tech sector, the impact of rapid innovation and digital transformation, and some of the challenges and opportunities in New Zealand.

Reenesh Bhana, Director of Deloitte’s Risk Advisory, talked about ‘value killers’ – the risks that can threaten a tech company’s survival, but if managed correctly, could provide huge opportunities.

With good turnouts in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and great feedback from the tech companies that attended, we’ll be back next year so mark your calendars!




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