Thought Leadership

We’re not a business that accepts the status quo. We encourage an ideas culture at Delta and are keen to innovate and look for better way to do things. We ask questions and listen carefully to what our clients have to say. With our depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise, we believe we can assist by offering perspectives that add value to our clients’ business.

Cyber Risk Management

Across the globe, businesses have become more reliant than ever on technology. Yet with a growing digital footprint, the risk of a business incurring a cyber incident is no longer a question of if, but when. As the digital world evolves, New Zealand businesses must continue developing cybersecurity measures to match the developments in digital technology.

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Environmental Risk Management

The growing regulatory focus on pollution and contamination incidents in New Zealand means that businesses are increasingly vulnerable to the potentially high financial cost of such events. Various combinations of traditional liability policies, albeit each coming with their own exclusions, only serve to paper over the cracks of your environmental liability.

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Technology Risk Management

As New Zealand’s third largest export behind dairy
and tourism, the technology sector stands as one of
the most vibrant and promising components of the
New Zealand economy. In addition to creating value
and thousands of jobs, the local technology sector
epitomises Kiwi ingenuity and entrepreneurial flair.

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