InPhySec’s security helpline and tips for working from home

Many of our broker partners and their clients will have made the decision to allow their team members to choose to self-isolate if the need arises.

At present, there are around 9,000 New Zealanders in self-isolation and it is likely many of these people are working from home. It is also possible that the number of self-isolating cases will rise to reduce community spread.

As the flu-season kicks in, and to address the concerns regarding COVID-19, we’re anticipating that organisations will encourage (or enforce) working from home.

Unfortunately, unless the necessary provisions around IT Security have been addressed beforehand, working from home could increase an organisation’s IT Security risk. We would encourage business owners to consider the increased IT Security risk, especially if working from home has not been the traditional way of working.

Some risks to consider: 

  • Non-sanctioned devices used to access corporate data in applications like Office 365, MYOB, Xero, which could lead to ransomware or data compromise.
  • Sanctioned devices left unencrypted and vulnerable to theft, which could lead to unnecessary exposure.
  • Deficiencies in logging and asset identification could complicate identifying legitimate vs unauthorised access, etc.

Consider having a chat with InPhySec to determine if they can support you further in allowing your staff to work from home safely on 0800 463 673.

Additionally our broker partners and their clients may find Delta’s Business Continuity Plan of benefit to their business. Designed by experts, this cloud-based BCP tool guides you through an intuitive process to produce a customised emergency response plan for viral outbreaks and other risks to your business.

If you have any questions about the above solutions from Delta, please feel free to contact us.

Many thanks and stay well,
From the Delta and InPhySec teams

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