New Zealand

Rohit Kashikar - Group Head of Technology

Kia ora Rohit Kashikar

The technology forecast for Delta Insurance is ‘cloud’-y, with a good deal of making it rain. That’s why Rohit Kashikar has joined as Group Head of Technology, with a remit to build and grow the team while accelerating the move into cloud and ‘-as a service’ systems. The reasoning is clear: make things better every day, with systems that are instant, accessible, and which deliver great customer experiences every time.

Technology has always been part of Rohit’s life, with an early love of computers leading him into computer science studies. Determined to become an engineer, he laughs that there probably wasn’t anything else suitable for his aptitudes. Good thing too, as Rohit notes that in the modern world, nearly everything is powered by IT in one way or another.

What sets Rohit apart is his strong belief that all technological progress is in the interests of people. That has him equally excited about the team and relationship aspects of his work as the bits and bytes powering world-class information systems.

After spending 12 years at a major telecommunications provider, Rohit is looking forward to the challenge of working in a rapidly growing international business and is excited with the challenge of learning the insurance industry inside and out. Taking a ‘understand the problem before delivering the solution’ approach, Rohit believes in big picture thinking in creating systems that help everyone in the value chain succeed.

As a competitive squash player, he’s frequently found courtside and keeps his fitness up by cycling to work when possible. Along with a busy family life which includes raising a boy and a girl together with his wife, Rohit maintains balance by greening his thumbs as an enthusiastic gardener.