The Insurance Business Global 100 21 October 2020 - For the second year in a row, Ian Pollard and Craig Kirk have been named within the top one hundred insurance leaders in the world, according to the latest list published by Insurance Business: "The Insurance Business Global 100 takes advantage of Insurance Business’s unique position as the industry’s true global publication reaching six different markets – the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific and the UK – to bring insurance brokers, insurers, underwriters and other industry professionals insights from some of the biggest names the sector has to offer.Featuring professionals from all of Insurance… Read more
Delta expands personal cyber offering internationally 30 September 2020 - Delta Insurance Group has signed an agreement with London-based specialty Lloyd’s-of-London reinsurance brokers Prospect Insurance Brokers to market and distribute Delta’s Personal Cyber Insurance product outside of Asia-Pacific.  Delta Group Chairman and Managing Director Ian Pollard says the agreement means the company’s Personal Cyber (PerCy) insurance offering will shortly be available in the UK and Europe through Prospect and will possibly be released into the United States in the future.  Pollard says PerCy, which offers protection for individuals against cyber-risks such as ransomware and data loss, is also available in Singapore and the wider Asian… Read more
‘Back to office’ strategies of APAC insurers 3 August 2020 - Asian Insurance Review journalist Ranamita Chakraborty interviews MD Ian Pollard on Delta's 'back to office' strategies in light of the second wave of Covid-19. At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, insurers were grappling with ensuring their digital operations ran smoothly. Now, as containment measures have eased, they are devising ‘back to office’ strategies keeping in mind the risk of a second wave of COVID-19 infections. Two insurers operating in the APAC region give us their take on this pressing issue. With the easing of COVID-19 containment measures across Asia Pacific, companies from the insurance… Read more
Delta signs Taiwan partnership agreement 4 June 2020 - Delta Singapore Managing Director Eugene Cheong & Group Managing Director Ian Pollard Article recently published in The Asia Insurance Review on Delta's latest business dealings in Vietnam and Taiwan: Kiwi company Delta Insurance Group has signed a cyber insurance agreement with Taiwanese insurer, Hotai Insurance. Under the agreement, Delta’s Singapore office provides commercial cyber insurance along with long-term product support, including risk management services and training for Hotai employees. Delta Insurance Group managing director Ian Pollard says the agreement with Hotai continues the company’s strategy of developing partnerships in the Asia-Pacific Region to grow the… Read more
Cyber crime & identity theft – and how to avoid it 26 May 2020 - Laura Murray COVID-19-related internet scams have increased significantly since the disease erupted onto the world stage earlier this year. Around 300,000 COVID-related domain names were registered globally once the disease had taken root and the number of suspicious COVID-19 websites more than tripled in March. Phishing scams are particularly rife, but many people are unaware of just how much damage such scams can create. Common phishing themes include bogus bank and government “responses” to the virus and scam WHO “updates”, and the potential for personal-credential harvesting is high. Criminals can quickly stockpile a wealth of… Read more
Delta ranked 180th fastest growing company in Asia Pacific 23 April 2020 - Delta is extremely proud to have been named the 180th fastest growing company in the Asia Pacific region in the 2020 Financial Times ranking of the top 500 Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies. Delta was the 9th highest growth New Zealand-based company, with other notable New Zealand companies Pushpay (73rd), Xero (267th) and AFT Pharmaceuticals (490th). The FT list was compiled with research company Statista, and ranks entrants from across the Asia-Pacific by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue between 2015 and 2018. A quarter of the companies were technology companies, followed by industrial goods (7… Read more
Cyber-criminals go “phishing” during Covid-19 22 April 2020 - By Laura Murray Going fishing has been heavily discouraged under the COVID-19 restrictions but the online version has taken off, with opportunistic cyber-criminals using the crisis to their advantage. “Phishing” is a social engineering scam that deceives victims to obtain their data such as login credentials and personal details. Criminals impersonate trusted parties and send emails or text messages (smishing) which use malicious links and logos, similar to the spoofed organisation, to steal personal data or install malware on the victim’s system. As a result, the hackers steal sensitive information which can be used in… Read more
Special Report: IT Security during Covid-19 22 April 2020 - A pandemic gives cybercriminals ample opportunities to attack systems and prey on the unwary. Download PDF We have prepared a Special Report outlining some examples of cyber-attacks during this time, as well as a quick checklist for you to review and see if your business is prepared to respond to an IT incident. Here's a PDF should your wish to download it. Be well and stay safe,the team at Delta It is no doubt that Covid-19 has placed a strain on healthcare systems and economies around the world. As governments close borders and enforce social… Read more
IT Risks high with COVID-19 15 April 2020 - First published in Scoop, Wed 15 April © Scoop Media Kiwis in lockdown especially those working from home and using home computers and other digital devices need to take IT hygiene precautions as well as their health precautions to avoid the coronavirus. Ian Pollard Delta International Group Managing Director Ian Pollard says the controversy over the use of Zoom as a video meetings platform at high levels has thrown a spotlight on an aspect of the COVID-19 emergency that hasn’t had a lot of attention – but says Zoom isn’t the biggest and only issue.… Read more
Employment Law FAQs with the experts – and some free legal advice for our insureds 6 April 2020 - We know that many of our insureds are worried about how to deal with employment issues arising out of the current Covid-19 situation.  The Delta claims team is gearing up for the likelihood that the number of Employment Practices claims will increase, but in the meantime we have teamed up with Duncan Cotterill Lawyers to provide some practical help. You can find the answers to some frequently asked questions on Covid-19 employment issues and advice on restructuring and redundancy processes below. We’ve also created a legal helpline for all of our insureds to get a… Read more
Setting up remote working 25 March 2020 - This is a quick reference guide posted by Cert NZ, the Government's cyber agency. Working remotely can feel overwhelming if this is something you and your staff are not used to. This quick reference guide walks you through the important steps of setting this up securely. It will help you think about how the business will operate, including helping staff manage their time and set up their remote working space. You Make a list of all the important systems your staff need to access in order to carry out minimal business functions. To get started,… Read more
Staying safe with COVID-19 24 March 2020 - We’d like to share some helpful hints from our friends at Edison to help you and your family to stay safe. We hope it won’t be long until we’re all back living our normal lives to the fullest. Best wishes and good health,The teams at Delta & Edison   With the cases of COVID-19 now increasing exponentially worldwide, it is becoming essential that we are prepared here in New Zealand, both as a community and as individuals. The current pandemic data is demonstrating a virus that is very contagious and very easily spread. It is… Read more
Extended hours 24 March 2020 - These are extraordinary times for us all and we wanted to let you know that we are geared up to help our brokers and customers in any way we can as we all adjust to this new normal. At Delta we have always operated a flexible work environment, so our systems are fully operational and we expect no service impact. So if you have any questions or customer enquiries, rest assured, it is still very much business as usual for us so we encourage you to use your usual Delta channels for any reason. In… Read more
Dynarisk’s 5 tips to stay safe while working remotely 21 March 2020 - Remote working brings a host of cyber security related issues, so it's important that everyone is aware of the risks and take necessary precautions. Sadly, our Intelligence team have discovered a number of Coronavirus-related phishing scams. Criminals will be looking to target companies and home workers at this time in the hopes of discovering weakened defences. An example of a Coronavirus phishing scam detected by our intelligence team Here are our top tips for employees working from home... Phishing awareness When working remotely, emails are an important communication channel. Cyber criminals are leveraging COVID-19 and… Read more
Colour my life 19 March 2020 - A big thanks to Megan for sorting out such a sensational soiree into the world of watercolour. First we needed some Dutch courage so went to Genta, the Japanese izakaya restaurant around the corner for some sushi, sake and Suntory before embarking an evening with the Masters.  Some real talent was exhibited by all but it was the laughter reverberating around the room and Craig's Spotify playlist of Bowie, Eagles & Fleetwood Mac that was the winner on the day. Move over Picasso! We're coming for ya! Read more
InPhySec’s security helpline and tips for working from home 13 March 2020 - Many of our broker partners and their clients will have made the decision to allow their team members to choose to self-isolate if the need arises. At present, there are around 9,000 New Zealanders in self-isolation and it is likely many of these people are working from home. It is also possible that the number of self-isolating cases will rise to reduce community spread. As the flu-season kicks in, and to address the concerns regarding COVID-19, we’re anticipating that organisations will encourage (or enforce) working from home. Unfortunately, unless the necessary provisions around IT Security have… Read more
A dash and a dram! 12 March 2020 - The professionals from The Jefferson came to the party (actually brought the party!) and hosted select groups of us on a flavourful tasting adventure, pitting the very best of New Zealand gins and whiskeys, from the Thomson and Cardrona Distilleries, up against the pride of Scotland, from the Bruichladdich Distillery in the Hebrides Islands.Meanwhile the rest of us waited our turn and reluctantly negotiated our way through a consortium of cocktails ... tequila & ginger ale anyone? ... and some epicurean delights. War stories shared, dance moves displayed, and for those with the more admirable constitutions, a nightcap… Read more
Some guiding principles for Delta 18 February 2020 - Delta's brand values were coming up six years old.  It was time to revisit them as most of the team weren't around when they were conjured up ...  actually all but two of us! Time to find out what was important to us all. Two weeks before our team strategy day in mid-February, everyone was asked to come up with a vision, mission and values that they'd like to work with and work towards. 40 responses and 200 pictures and words later and we had a great start.  Board Advisor Kent Chaplin and Marketing Manager Andrew Gair… Read more
Delta Insurance gets busy with lazy sneakers 17 February 2020 - 250+ lazy sneakers delivered to Pt England School ... lazy sneakers soon to be busy again! Published March 2020 in CovernoteLive. When Delta Insurance decided to continue their support of the GirlBoss Awards by sponsoring the Emerging Leader Award again last year, they weren’t quite expecting the impact the winner would have on the company.  GirlBoss New Zealand was founded by 15-year-old Alexia Hilbertidou in 2015 when she realised she was the only girl studying advanced physics in her year. The aim of the organisation is to close the gender gap in science, technology, engineering,… Read more
Delta renews sponsorship of Hi-Tech Awards 25 November 2019 - Delta is proud to sponsor the New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards for the second year in a row. The Awards are a platform for recognising the best of our technology industries, celebrating New Zealand’s most successful high-tech companies and highest achieving individuals, promoting high-tech successes and extending New Zealand’s hi-tech profile beyond the technology sector. The New Zealand technology sector is the fastest growing sector in the country, employing 120,000 people and generating $16 billion in revenue across the electronics, software, telecommunications, creative technology and biotechnology sectors. The industry is also the third largest export earner for New… Read more
The Insurance Business Global 100 19 November 2019 - We are incredibly proud of Ian and Craig making the Insurance Business top 100 list of insurance professionals in the world. Congratulations on such an epic achievement! Published 19 November 2019 in Insurance Business The Insurance Business Global 100 takes advantage of Insurance Business’s unique position as the industry’s true global publication reaching six different markets – the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific and the UK – to bring insurance brokers, insurers, underwriters and other industry professionals insights from some of the biggest names the sector has to offer. Featuring professionals from all of… Read more
Delta aiming for 200 sneakers to give to LazySneakers charity 14 November 2019 - We were delighted to continue our support for GirlBoss this year by again sponsoring the Emerging Leader Award at the second GirlBoss Awards. GirlBoss was set up to close the gender gap in science, technology, engineering, maths, entrepreneurship and leadership and empower confident, resilient, future-ready, young women to lead and change the world. We were so impressed with this year's winner of the Emerging Leader Award, Maia Mariner – the driving force behind LazySneakers – that we wanted to support her organisation as much as we could.       LazySneakers is the charity she set up… Read more
Tis the season for conferences 22 October 2019 - It's been a busy couple of months for conference going for both our Property and Liability Underwriting teams, spending some quality time with our broker partners here and across the ditch, starting with the PIC Conference on Waiheke in late July, the Rothbury Conference and the PSC Connect Conference on the Gold Coast in August, the Advisernet Conference in Queenstown (where we were delighted and humbled to win Insurance Agency of the year for the third year in a row!) and the Steadfast Conference in Christchurch last weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed catching up with everyone, with some hard-working days… Read more
Delta Talks … Fifteen minutes, eight speakers, two hours of ideas 16 October 2019 - Our inaugural Delta Talks in the Deloitte boardroom in Auckland proved to be a great success ... eight speakers with fifteen minutes each gave the attendees plenty of food for thought in the two hour seminar. CEO Craig Kirk MC'ed the event, introducing each of the speakers and keeping everyone to the strict time schedule. First up, Matt Taylor from RedShield talked about the specifics of the warzone that is global cyber warfare and the work they do behind the scenes to shield businesses from the dark forces of the web. RedShield is the world's first… Read more
Risky business – how food manufacturers can prevent a product recall 8 October 2019 - Senior Journalist Nona Pelletier on Morning Report talks to Underwriting Manager Dinesh Murali about Delta's latest white paper on the growth in product recalls in the food manufacturing sector, the latest risk management practices that food manufacturers can adopt to avoid them and the step by step approach they can take to mitigate the risk if they do occur. The RNZ Business Report interview starts at 2 minute mark.       Read more
Petra’s passion – taking charge of technology 7 October 2019 - Group Claims Manager Petra Lucioli recently talked to ANZIIF Writer Anna Game-Lopata on the reasons she moved to start-up Delta five years ago, the expanse of her current role and plans for the future: Five years ago, Petra Lucioli left a comfortable position managing portfolios of liability claims to join a start-up Lloyd’s Coverholder, Delta Insurance based in Auckland, New Zealand. A BIG BREAK ‘It was a fantastic challenge and opportunity,’ Lucioli shares. ‘I got to set up a claims team in exactly the way that I wanted and to craft it from scratch. Being able… Read more
Food manufacturers face alarming rise in risks 4 October 2019 - Senior journalist Ksenia Stepanova speaks to CEO Craig Kirk and Underwriting Manager Dinesh Murali about the risks to a food manufacturer of a product recall and how to avoid them in the first place: Delta Insurance has released a new whitepaper on food safety risk following its introduction of a new insurance offering for food manufacturers. According to Delta CEO Craig Kirk, food manufacturing accounts for a huge 71% of New Zealand’s manufactured exports, and the industry overall is worth approximately $7 billion – a figure predicted to quadruple by 2025. He says Delta has… Read more
Mihi Whakatau – a celebration of the opening of our new office and reception area 20 September 2019 - We were incredibly honoured to have kaumatua Martin and Barry join us for our mihi whakatau, a formal Māori greeting and welcome to celebrate the opening of  our new office and reception areas. Family and friends were invited to the blessing of our new space and the unveiling of our taonga. We had a karanga, or welcome, followed by a whaikōrero, or speeches, the unveiling of our taonga, a hariru and hongi and finally a hakiri, or sharing of food. Haere mai to our taonga, especially carved for us and representative of the Delta mauri, or… Read more
Talent aplenty at the GirlBoss Awards 18 September 2019 - GirlBoss New Zealand was founded in 2015 with the mission to close the gender gap in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Entrepreneurship and Leadership and empower confident, resilient, future-ready, young women to lead and change the world. In 2019, they have a network of 10,500 high school aged members nationwide and their programmes have been implemented in 55 Schools across New Zealand, Australia and the Cook Islands. We are delighted to continue our support for GirlBoss and were totally inspired by the determination and passion of all the winners' at the GirlBoss Awards Evening last night, a celebration of the young women… Read more
Personal Cyber at the Financial Services Council conference 11 September 2019 - Cyber specialist Fred Boles talks about Delta's new Personal Cyber Insurance offering at the Financial Services Council of New Zealand conference. View video Read more
Delta offers NZ’s first personal cyber insurance 28 August 2019 - NBR Senior Writer Nathan Smith talks to CEO Craig Kirk and Cyber Specialist Fred Boles about the first personal cyber-attack policy in New Zealand: While corporate cyber insurance has existed in various forms for about 20 years, policies for individuals are relatively new. But interests and attitudes toward cyber insurance have changed as people realise they can’t escape the risks of online exploitation. According to Gartner, the policy sector overall for corporates has been growing at 8% a year and is destined to be worth $US248 billion ($385b) by 2026. But Delta chief executive Craig… Read more
New Board Member appointed 27 August 2019 - Delta Insurance has appointed experienced insurance executive Kent Chaplin to its Advisory Board. A former chief executive officer and regional head for Lloyd’s in Asia-Pacific, Mr Chaplin has 25 years’ experience in the insurance industry with strengths in insurance law, executive management, underwriting, claims, operations, compliance and regulatory affairs, finance, strategy and market development. Mr Chaplin is a well-known insurance sector figure in Asia-Pacific and globally, having worked in Singapore for Lloyd’s from 2011 to 2018. Earlier this year he was appointed global head of reinsurance and specialty sales in Singapore for US-headquartered company DXC… Read more
Delta launches NZ first: personal cyber insurance 16 August 2019 - Kiwi-owned insurance company Delta Insurance has introduced cover to protect individuals and households from losses through cyber-attacks – a first for this country. The move to provide the cyber-risk insurance to individuals follows Delta’s move earlier this year to introduce a cyber risk management offering, DynaRisk, which individuals can use to shore up their defences against cyber-attacks. Delta Chief Executive Officer Craig Kirk says the company had felt for some time there was a big gap in the market for some form of insurance to cover the growing number of cyber-risks people were encountering. “The… Read more
A presentation to the Morgo Conference 16 August 2019 - Ian Pollard was asked to present to a group of entrepreneurs, tech leaders and high growth companies with global aspirations at the Morgo Conference on 15 & 16 August in the Bay of Islands. Morgo is the brainchild of Jenny Morel, entrepreneur and founder of No. 8 Ventures and brings the leaders of high growth companies together to learn from their shared experiences. Ian's presentation focused on the genesis of Delta Insurance, the challenges faced and obstacles overcome, the differentiation strategies put in place and his vision for the future. Podcast Interview   Read more
Delta works with Sentro on online Personal Cyber platform 13 August 2019 - Delta Insurance today announced the general availability of their innovative Group Personal Cyber insurance offering, PerCy. Sentro, the leading GroupInsurtech solution for group insurance and group benefits, provided Delta Insurance with the technology platform to launch the PerCy product. Delta’s PerCy product creates an entirely new category of employee benefit — personal cyber safety. Customers purchase PerCy as a group product — all members of the group receive coverage, and access to PerCy services. PerCy combines personal cyber insurance cover (against risks like identity theft, network extortion, data loss and computer attacks) with the DynaRisk personal cyber risk… Read more
Delta sponsors Women in Insurance Summit 2019 30 July 2019 - Delta was proud to support the second annual Women in Insurance Summit held at the Hilton Hotel in Auckland on 30 July. Over 250 insurance professionals gathered to network, listen to speakers and panel discussions on topics such as leadership, resilience, flexible workplaces and overcoming career challenges and hear keynote speaker Karen Walker talk about overcoming the challenges of growing a global fashion brand. View video Read more
Five years on: Delta co-founders on being David to the industry Goliaths 2 May 2019 - NBR Senior Writer Gill South talks to Ian and Craig about the origins of Delta, the highs, the lows, the strategies that won them Insurance Agency of the Year for two years running and what's on the horizon. Starting up their own insurance company five years ago in Auckland wasn’t the easiest path to take for two experienced industry executives when the sector was so dominated by giant, internationally owned companies. Each had had international careers with big insurers. Brit Ian Pollard, Delta Insurance Group managing director and chairman, and Craig Kirk, the Australian-born chief executive – had worked… Read more
Breakthrough business cyber-risk solution launched 11 April 2019 - Delta Insurance has partnered with global security company DynaRisk to deliver a cyber-protection and insurance solution for businesses and their employees and customers across Asia-Pacific.   Delta Insurance Group MD Ian Pollard says the cyber-risk product, which will be managed and marketed from Delta Insurance’s New Zealand and Singapore offices, is a first for the Asia-Pacific region, where industry commentators have long lamented the lack of innovation in cyber-risk solutions targeted at smaller enterprises. Delta Insurance New Zealand CEO Craig Kirk says cyber-attacks increased 205 percent last year in New Zealand and, tellingly, individuals bore the brunt of 65… Read more
Cricket, golf, bowls and Round the Bays! 11 April 2019 - It's been a busy start to the year ... a plethora of competition accompanied with varying skillsets and plenty of humour. The Wooton Kearney Annual Cricket Day A day of eight-a-side cricket at the Grafton Cricket Club on 20 Feb was the perfect excuse to catch a lime. However there was robust debate about the legality of Jasper's lime out to the middle to commence batting, bat in tow!     The Donaldson Brown Lawn Bowls 2019 Charity Event The Colonel and their secret spices got together on 22 February and rolled out two Delta… Read more
Delta Insurance launches new cyber insurance and security package 9 April 2019 - Insurance Business' Gabriel Olano talks to Group Managing Director Ian Pollard about Delta's new cyber protection offer for the Asia Pacific region: Specialist insurer Delta Insurance has launched a cyber-protection and insurance product for businesses and their employees and customers across the Asia-Pacific region, in partnership with global cybersecurity firm DynaRisk. The new product will be managed and marketed from Delta Insurance’s New Zealand and Singapore offices. The package is intended initially for businesses but is also suitable to their customers, their employees or their family members. Organisations that take the package will receive a… Read more
How insurers work with cyber experts to help prevent attacks 23 March 2019 - John Moore, Senior Underwriter & Financial Lines Manager at Delta Insurance, talks to Ksenia Stepanova from Insurance Business about insurers' increasing use of cyber experts: Although insurance is commonly seen as something that only comes into play after a loss, an increasing emphasis is being placed on pre-loss and prevention strategies – especially when it comes to issues like cybersecurity. According to John Moore, senior underwriter & financial lines manager at Delta Insurance, New Zealand insurers are increasingly looking to emulate overseas strategies and work with IT security vendors, bringing experts into their organisations and… Read more
Drones a game changer for the construction sector 6 March 2019 - Delta CEO Craig Kirk writes about the transformational qualities of UAVs for the construction industry in the following article in Construction News. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – or drones, as they’re popularly known – have gone from being a fancy photographic toy to an almost ubiquitous part of the landscape. From early uses in a purely photographic or filming capacity, providing a cheaper and safer option to get aerial shots, drones have broadened their reach to take a commanding role in many sectors, notably real estate, agriculture, film, TV – and construction. A 2018 Airways… Read more
Celebrating five years! 15 February 2019 - With true entrepreneurial spirit, Ian and Craig said damn the torpedos and in 2014 launched Delta Insurance. Five years on and Delta has grown to 35 people, gained a place in the Deloitte Fast 50 and won three ANZIIF Awards. A five year jubilee well worth celebrating! 140 guests joined us from far and wide and we were treated to a harbour cruise, a stunning dinner at Mantells on the Water, two inspired speeches, a bromantic hug and then onto the dance floor where some epic shapes were cut into the wee small hours. Thanks to… Read more
Men are from underwriting, women are from claims 5 February 2019 - Petra Lucioli, conference speaker and claims manager with Delta Insurance, spoke to exclusively to Insurance Business about her experience as a woman working in the insurance market. With nearly 20 years’ experience in liability claims management in the UK and New Zealand, Lucioli says she found her niche in claims, where she was surrounded by many other supportive women. She described the ‘huge split’ in the insurance workforce on gender lines, with underwriting being male-dominated and claims being more female-dominated. Lucioli attributes the gender-split to societal conditioning, saying that we tend to support men to develop the… Read more
A single global ransomware attack could cost businesses almost $200bn 29 January 2019 - A global ransomware cyber-attack could cost $193bn and affect more than 600,000 businesses worldwide, according to a new report from the Cyber Risk Management (CyRiM) project, the Singapore-based public-private initiative that assesses cyber risks, to which Delta Insurance contributed to via Lloyd’s, one of the founding members. The report, Bashe Attack: Global infection by contagious malware, published today by the Cyber Risk Management project, paints the scenario where the attack is launched through an infected email, which once opened is forwarded to all contacts and within 24 hours encrypts all data on 30 million devices worldwide.… Read more
New appointments for Delta in 2019 28 January 2019 - As we start to manage the next phase of growth for Delta, there are now wider responsibilities for the team: Ian Pollard - Group Chairman, Managing Director Delta International Ian focuses on the broader opportunities for the group holding company Delta International Limited, including Delta Singapore and other APAC opportunities. Craig Kirk – CEO, Delta New Zealand Craig leads the New Zealand operation and is responsible for realising its growth potential. Dinesh Murali - Underwriting Manager, Delta New Zealand Dinesh is responsible for the underwriting strategy and growth for the New Zealand liability business. He… Read more
Delta proud to sponsor New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards 18 January 2019 - Delta is proud to be a sponsor of the 2019 New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards. The Awards are a platform for recognising the best of our technology industries, celebrating New Zealand’s most successful high-tech companies and highest achieving individuals, promoting high-tech successes and extending New Zealand's hi-tech profile beyond the technology sector. The New Zealand technology sector is the fastest growing sector in the country with almost 29,000 companies generating close to $9 billion in revenue across the electronics, software, telecommunications, creative technology and biotechnology sectors. The industry is also the third largest export earner for New Zealand,… Read more
Top ten cybersecurity predictions for 2019 5 December 2018 - Next year is already shaping up to be a cybersecurity headache for researchers and businesses alike. Here are our predictions for the year ahead. 1. Business Continuity Planning A decade or two late for some organisations, cybersecurity is now considered a key business risk by the board. 2019 will see this trend accelerate as boards demand clarity and understanding in this area. The financial, reputational and indeed C- Suite employment risks of cyber breach will continue to drive board focus on cybersecurity up the agenda. 2. GDPR - the pain still to come The GDPR… Read more
Delta stoked to win back-to-back awards for Underwriting Agency of the Year 29 November 2018 - What a night at the New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards for 2018! On a fantastic evening of glitter and glamour at the Sky City Convention Centre, we were absolutely delighted to win the Underwriting Agency of the Year Award for the second year in a row, as well as pick up the Young Insurance Professionals Employer of the Year Award. Miriama Kamo hosted the show with style and panache and everyone came dressed to the nines and in outstanding form.   Young Insurance Professionals Employer of the Year Award Managing Director Ian Pollard accepting the… Read more
Delta sponsors NZ Fintech Summit 2018 29 November 2018 - Delta Insurance was proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the 2018 NZ Fintech Summit produced by Finnotec in collaboration with FinTechNZ. The event was designed for the financial services and innovation community and sought to showcase the latest financial technology thought leadership from New Zealand as well as globally. It will also unravelled the opportunities that exist in the sector and opened up discussion into the challenges faced by the sector today and the solutions available for them. Craig Kirk, General Manager of Delta Insurance NZ, also contributed to the day by participating on… Read more
New Delta Insurance whitepaper takeaways: Insure your ideas to stop others from suing you for them 29 November 2018 - Delta recently featured in Idealog's Innovation issue, talking to Technology Editor Ben Mack on how businesses can best protect their competitive advantage in Intellectual Property: Haven’t insured your innovations and/or business ideas yet? You probably should – especially if the findings of Delta Insurance’s new comprehensive whitepaper on intellectual property in New Zealand are anything to go by. Here are some key takeaways from the whitepaper – and what they mean for organisations of all sizes. It’s not easy to innovate, as anyone can attest. But what’s not as well-known: not only is it difficult… Read more
NZ companies urged to step up their protection of their intellectual property 22 November 2018 - The Morning Report business team on Radio New Zealand National interviewed General Manager Craig Kirk on the recent disturbing trends with patent trolls and counterfeiting and the steps New Zealand business needs to take to be able to defend their intellectual property. Andrew McCrae reports: New Zealand companies are increasingly being challenged to defend their intellectual property, incurring steep costs in the process. A report by specialty insurer Delta Insurance says export companies are particularly vulnerable in China and the United States, where it's finding an increase in predatory behaviour. Delta's General Manager Craig Kirk… Read more
IP predators target Kiwi businesses overseas 21 November 2018 - Kiwi businesses can no longer afford to ignore intellectual property (IP) assets while drawing up their risk management strategy. That’s the key finding of a review of IP risk management by New Zealand company Delta Insurance, Protecting Your Competitive Advantage, which crystallises over a year of investigation into the IP landscape for local businesses. The review traces major trends in IP-related issues in two important Kiwi export markets: China, where product counterfeiting has long been a major issue, and the US, where “patent trolls” - unscrupulous operators who use IP litigation to extort money out of businesses -… Read more
Collaboration key in making NZ and Singapore big players on the financial services stage 15 November 2018 - Delta Insurance gets a special mention in a Singapore Business Times publication quoting Hayley Horan the New Zealand Trade Commissioner to Singapore: Another Auckland company, Delta Insurance, opened its Singapore office in 2017, and was the first local company in Singapore to offer cybersecurity insurance. With cybercrime estimated to cost Singapore over S$2 billion each year, Delta has created a holistic Cyber Risk Management solution to help clients manage and mitigate these risks for their business.   The technological revolution over the last few years has undeniably disrupted many industries - and the financial services… Read more
Fintech Festival in Singapore attracts over 40,000 attendees 14 November 2018 - Ian Pollard and Craig Kirk joined the Delta Insurance Singapore team at the three day Fintech Festival in Singapore. The festival is a global showcase event attracting over 40,000 delegates from all around the world. Delta Insurance Singapore was proud to have a booth alongside a number of fellow New Zealand and Singaporean companies and we had a huge amount of traffic to our stand. Among the visitors were Hayley Horan, New Zealand Trade Commissioner to Singapore and the honourable Damian O’Connor, the New Zealand Minister of State for Trade and Export Growth. Delta Singapore… Read more
A great day at the races as Glorious Beijing wins the Delta 1400 6 November 2018 - Another fantastic bluebird day at the races as everyone was fabulous as they rocked up to a Champagne Breakfast at our offices before we headed off to Ellerslie. Another sun-soaked day and a prime location beside the track assisted with the festivities. After witnessing a rainy Melbourne Cup race in blue sky Auckland, we headed back to town for some quiet shandies and superb dance moves at Harbourside. Also congratulations go to Sue and Mark for winning the awards for Delta Best Dressed Fashion in the Field. Read more
Delta sponsors the Wahine Toa of the Maori Women’s Welfare League 3 November 2018 - Delta is proud to sponsor the Te Atatu Maori Women’s Welfare League and Wahine Toa, a gala celebration to recognise the achievements of Dame June Mariu and Whaea Areta Koopu, both of whom are past Presidents and life members of the League. Their commitment, leadership and mentoring has been an inspiration to everyone in the League. Current President Prue Kapua and many other Branch members joined us in the celebrations and the evening was indeed a night to remember. The League was founded over 65 years ago and it is a unique and highly regarded… Read more
Japan-New Zealand Summit on Smart Technologies for Cyber Smart Week 9 October 2018 - Delta was excited to sponsor and take part in the Japan-New Zealand Summit on Smart Technologies held yesterday at GridAKL. This fantastic event was hosted by Unitec and was part of CERT NZ’s Cyber Smart Week 2018 We got to hear about recent opportunities and challenges for smart societies, enabling technologies, and we got to discuss and network with decision makers, developers, and researchers from industry, government, public organisations, and academia.  We covered everything from cyber warfare to smart health care and how Japan and New Zealand can collaborate further in the future in terms… Read more
Proud to be a partner for Cyber Smart Week 8 October 2018 - Delta is proud to be a partner for Cyber Smart Week this week, an initiative from Cert NZ designed to raise awareness of the cyber risks out there and giving some handy hints for individuals, companies and IT specialists to protect themselves and their businesses online. As the Cyber Smart website says: Cyber attacks are becoming more and more frequent over time, and they can affect anyone. It’s not just large organisations or businesses who are being attacked — smaller businesses and everyday New Zealanders are at risk too. Many cyber attacks aren’t specifically targeting… Read more
Delta offers new IP insurance policy 24 September 2018 - ODT Business Reporter Simon Hartley talks with GM Craig Kirk and Senior Underwriter Avani Vyas on Delta's new IP product: Legal disputes over intellectual property — trademarks and patents — is on the rise and costing New Zealand companies dearly in some instances. A new policy by Delta Insurance may go some way to offering protection against spiralling litigation costs. One of the most high profile cases of late has been Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s dispute with rival ResMed over patent allegations, fought in the US, UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, which has cost… Read more
Proud to support the women of the future at the inaugural GirlBoss Awards 19 September 2018 - It was a huge honour to attend the inaugural GirlBoss Awards Celebration Evening on 19 September and truly humbling to be in the room with such amazing young women. The awards were aptly timed to coincide with the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage and celebrated a new, young generation of innovative thinkers, with all 400 entrants aged between 11 and 18 years old. The inspiring young winners of the 2018 GirlBoss Awards with GirlBoss founder Alexia Hilbertou (centre) We were also delighted to have Petra Lucioli, our Claims Manager, as one of the judges on the… Read more
Delta delighted to be finalists in two awards categories for the New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards 2018 17 September 2018 - We are delighted to announce that Delta Insurance are finalists in two categories at the 7th New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards – the first for Underwriting Agency of the Year and second for Young Insurance Professionals Employer of the Year.We’d like to thank all of our team for the massive effort they’ve put in over the past year to achieve these results and we can’t wait to share in the industry's achievements and celebrate the winners at the annual New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards dinner on 29 November. Read more
Keynote speaker at the 3rd Asia Cyber Risk Summit in Singapore 17 September 2018 - MD for Delta Ian Pollard addressed the 3rd Asia Cyber Risk Summit held at the Mandarin Orchard Hotel in Singapore on 17 and 18 September. The theme for the Summit addressed the hottest developments in digital such as AI, big data, blockchain, cloud and cognitive computing and articulated the latest strategies in cyber defence: "Going beyond insurance to risk management and the new frontier of cyber defence with companies beginning to look at using distributed ledger technology, what are the new threats and vulnerabilities that companies have to be aware of to protect their businesses, customers… Read more
A first for New Zealand: Delta Insurance releases cover for IP 11 September 2018 - Kiwi businesses can now afford to protect themselves against intellectual property (IP) risks, thanks to an audacious move by Delta Insurance. Filling a serious gap in New Zealand’s insurance market, Delta’s IP offering has been designed to make it easy for Kiwi companies to cover their legal costs in a battle over intangible assets such as trademarks or patents. New Zealand examples of IP are the trademarks of Marmite, Whittaker’s, Wattie’s or patents such as Gallagher’s electric fence systems or Sealegs’ amphibious watercraft. Delta Insurance senior underwriter Avani Vyas says dedicated IP coverage has long… Read more
Launching an NZ first – coverage for IP legal expenses 11 September 2018 - On 11 September, Delta launched their new IP legal expenses coverage, a New Zealand first. They partnered with Duncan Cotterill and Antares to launch the product with a series of seminars in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.  The seminars shed light on what companies need to do to protect this most critical asset. Holding IP rights is a useful protection against others using an idea or innovation. However, holding these rights is not a guarantee that others will not attempt to imitate and seek to gain advantage of this innovation. Enforcing IP rights and also defending them is essential… Read more
Identifying the risks that can’t be seen 7 September 2018 - MD Ian Pollard and Claims Manager Petra Lucioli discuss the intangible nature of cyber risks with Insurance Business editor Ksenia Stepanova: Insurance Business article Dealing with emerging risks is challenging, especially when they’re not always visible to the eye. With the rise of digitisation in an increasingly online world, many of the risks faced by households and businesses are also becoming intangible – emerging in the form of cybersecurity breaches and intellectual property theft. According to specialist insurer Delta Insurance, staying on top of emerging risks is becoming increasingly important for homes and businesses alike, and insurers and… Read more
Innovative liability solution for food manufacturers 27 August 2018 - Editor for NZ Manufacturer Doug Green recently spoke to Dinesh Murali, Delta's Senior underwriter and casualty lines manager, about their new Manufacturer's Liability cover: Delta's Food manufacturers are increasingly confronted with new challenges and evolving risks because of rapid globalisation and expanding international supply chains.  With a 200% and 62% increase in recall rates for food products in the last two years, this suggests a high correlation with increased sourcing of ingredients from overseas suppliers. Dealing with suppliers from different jurisdictions adds another layer of complexity to the manufacturers risk portfolio for many reasons including… Read more
How cyber insurance is evolving to stop evolving threats 21 August 2018 - Idealog recently interviewed Ian Pollard  in the following story on evolving cyber threats: Idealog article The insurance game is changing, Delta Insurance’s Ian Pollard says. And it’s not just responding after something has happened – it’s making sure nothing happens in the first place. It’s a sad reality: if you have a computer, chances are it’ll be compromised at one point or another. Whether it’s viruses, phishing, malware, or the evermore-popular (and ever-more-harmful) ransomware, at some point or another, something damaging will probably happen – and that could do a great deal of damage if… Read more
Delta Insurance forges ahead after 2017 award 8 August 2018 - ANZIIF editor Anna Game-Lopata takes time out to interview Ian and Craig on progress since Delta's Insurance Agency of the Year Award 2017: When Ian Pollard and Craig Kirk (pictured) launched Delta Insurance in early 2014, they saw an opportunity for a new underwriting agency to bring passion, innovation and exceptional customer service to the New Zealand market. ‘We felt that brokers would welcome additional competition to a sector that was in the process of consolidation,’ says Pollard, who is the company’s Managing Director. ANZIIF article Read more
Let the cyber battle begin 30 June 2018 - Three cyber experts from both sides of the Tasman share their views on the ANZIIF Journal on the state of play with cyber security and its future impact on business. Ian Pollard, Managing Director - Delta Insurance “Our geographical isolation has perhaps made us complacent in the face of relentless and invasive global cyber activity. With a cyber attack only the click of a button away, our status as an island nation at the bottom of the world provides us with no defence or security. In fact, it could be argued that our relatively lax… Read more
Asia Australasia Alliance delegation to New Zealand 29 May 2018 - MD Ian Pollard recently addressed the Asia Australasia Alliance Insurance Group at the Sofitel in Auckland. The PIC-sponsored event asked Ian to discuss the latest trends in cyber security and cyber insurance, recently outlined in Delta's white paper on Cyber Insurance. Ian also elaborated on Delta's upcoming launch of their Personal Cyber product into the New Zealand market. The members of the Asia Australasia Alliance collectively handle annually premiums in excess of USD $500 million and employ over 750 staff across eleven countries and territories. They are a network of insurance broking firms that manage… Read more
Expanding into Asia – some Delta tips for NZTE delegation 23 May 2018 - Managing Director Ian Pollard was asked by NZTE to join panel discussions in both Wellington and Auckland to brief the New Zealand Trade Commissioners delegation of New Zealand companies that were looking to expand into the Asian market. Ian spoke about Delta’s experience in setting up a branch office in Singapore and passed on some of the key considerations that made the establishment of the office such a success. To view a summary of Ian's thoughts on the Asian market, please click the link below. Read more
Techweek seminars – With new innovation comes new risks 22 May 2018 - Delta Insurance  partnered with Deloitte Private and Augen Software Group to present three of the 538 events organised for Techweek throughout New Zealand. Start-up and high growth organisations deal with increasingly complex and changing environments. Our seminar offered an insight into the kinds of exposures tech businesses face, the mitigation tactics needed to tackle these issues and suggestions as to how start-ups can balance their growth objectives with good risk management practices. Delta’s John Moore, Financial Lines Manager, and Sharna Garbett, Claims Consultant, drew on their many years of tech experience and highlighted reoccurring trends, discussed real world incidents and stressed the… Read more
Delta named IANZ Insurer of the Year 11 April 2018 - Insurance Business talks to general manager Craig Kirk about Delta's recent award at the IANZ Conference in Taupo: Delta Insurance has been named as Insurer of the Year at the Insurance Advisernet NZ Awards 2018, for the second year running. “We were thrilled to win this award again, backing it up to make it two years in a row,” Delta Insurance general manager Craig Kirk said. “As a business, we are incredibly focussed on innovation, quality of product, relationships and service and it is very rewarding to have our offering validated by our business partners… Read more
Beaten and bruised: why recovery is critical to surviving cyber-attacks 4 April 2018 - NBR Business Reporter talks to MD Ian Pollard about the impact of cyber attacks. "No one can hide from cyber but what matters is bouncing back", Delta Insurance chief executive Ian Pollard says. Even if they load the right software, brief their staff and don’t click on strange emails, companies must prepare for a cyber-breach. It's inevitable. The headlines show companies being hit every day by cyber-criminals, from the well-defended to the wide open. Even Facebook can’t hold on to its data – and don’t get experts started on the weak security of government databases.… Read more
Craig Kirk talks to FST Media on industry disruptors 26 March 2018 - As co-founder and general manager of Delta Insurance, one of the rising stars of New Zealand’s burgeoning specialist insurance industry, Craig Kirk has been a key driving force behind the company's digital-focused agenda. Large incumbent insurers are the first to admit that they don’t have the DNA or the systems flexibility to be able to drive the change that is needed in the industry. This is where insurtechs have a massive role to play. Technology lies at the heart of the Delta brand, not only in the systems that power its core business operations, but also in… Read more
Ian Pollard podcast on evolving cyber insurance and online threats 6 March 2018 - Ian Pollard discusses a concerning new white paper on the state of cyber security in New Zealand. But on a more positive note, he also talks about how cyber insurance is evolving to meet the threats. Cyberattacks are one of the most dangerous threats facing New Zealand businesses. That isn’t exactly news to, well, anyone. But what is news is this: a new white paper from Delta Insurance highlights just how serious the issue is – and the fact many businesses aren’t doing enough to protect themselves despite the fact Aotearoa is a prime target… Read more
New Zealand is one of the ‘Cyber Five’ APAC countries most at risk of cyber attacks 5 March 2018 - New Zealand is one of Asia Pacific’s ‘Cyber Five’ for the most vulnerable countries to cyber attacks despite increased cyber resilience capabilities and strategies to deal with them. That is what a new paper from Delta Insurance claims, citing the Global Cybersecurity Index that puts New Zealand in 19th place for its commitment to cybersecurity. The ‘Cyber Five’ includes New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Japan and Singapore – countries that are apparently at risk of attacks more than any other Asian economy. “New Zealand’s global information footprint is on the rise and our increased dependencies… Read more
NZ behind Australia on cyber protection 2 March 2018 - Ian Pollard talks to Kelly McGregor on Delta's latest white paper on cyber security:   Delta Insurance released a white paper on cyber insurance threats to Kiwi businesses yesterday, stating that just 6% of New Zealand SMEs have cyber insurance compared to 14% in Australia. Delta co-founder and director Ian Pollard said although New Zealand was tackling cyber risk and building resilience, the risk was still there because “we’re connected, we’re tech savvy, and we’ve been protected from a lot of traditional risk because of geography – that’s not the case now.” “The risks have… Read more
The launch our new Cyber white paper and comprehensive Cyber cover 1 March 2018 - Delta Insurance Press Release: Here’s how to protect yourself from one of the greatest threats of 2018. Cyberattacks are one of the most dangerous threats facing New Zealand businesses. They are also – along with nuclear weapons and radical terrorism – considered one of the most dangerous global threats, according to US intelligence heads. Today, Delta Insurance has released research in their new white paper revealing the extent of the risks, and showing how businesses can protect themselves. It has also released an updated Cyber Insurance product, which offers cover including of Cloud and network failure,… Read more
Cyberattack risks rise – how can NZ react to the changing landscape? 31 January 2018 - Cyber threats have become the risk of the century and if cyber security is one step behind these threats then cyber insurance is two steps behind, believes Munich Re. “Risk managers of large institutions already consider cyberattacks to be a severe risk, and therefore have insurance policies to address this. We are now seeing more and more small companies asking for cyber cover, especially after the latest large-scale attacks,” the insurance giant stated. Closer to home, Delta Insurance director Ian Pollard said his business is preparing a white paper on cyber threats, as well as reworking its cyber insurance policies… Read more
Delta becomes founding member of Insurtech Working Group 15 December 2017 - The New Zealand Financial Innovation and Technology Association (FinTechNZ) has created an insurtech working group in response to the huge level of interest from the insurance industry. FinTechNZ is setting up a number of “vertical” areas of focus and associated working groups to promote engagement within multiple areas of interest across the community. Insurance was identified as a key segment where there is a huge amount of scope for further innovation. "New Zealand financial technology is the fastest-growing segment of our tech sector, at 48.5% per annum, and insurtech is an integral part of the… Read more
Delta joins working group established to lead insurance technology revolution 6 December 2017 - FinTechNZ has created an Insurtech working group in response to a huge level of interest from the insurance industry. The New Zealand Financial Innovation and Technology Association (FinTechNZ) was established early this year to bring together an inclusive community of financial service providers, technology innovators, government regulators and other interested parties. Its key focus is connecting industry participants to promote and advance financial innovation and technology for the prosperity of New Zealanders. To complement its breadth of ‘horizontal’ engagement across the diverse financial services sector as ‘one inclusive community’, FinTechNZ is setting up a number… Read more
Singapore’s First Automated Online Insurance Platform 23 November 2017 - Today Delta Insurance Singapore launched, Singapore’s first online Financial Lines insurance platform. Using proprietary technology, DeltaDigital offers brokers/advisors and policy buyers instant quotes for commercial (corporate) insurance products such as Cyber, Professional Liability, Technology Professional Liability and Management Liability. With DeltaDigital, insurance brokers/advisors can generate a quote instantly to present to buyers, such as small and medium enterprises (SMEs), who no longer have to go through the slow and complicated process of completing a physical proposal form. While the process traditionally can take up to several weeks, DeltaDigital is able to generate a quote… Read more
Underwriting Agency of the Year 16 November 2017 - We are delighted to have won the inaugural award for Underwriting Agency of the Year at the ANZIIF Awards held at the SkyCity Convention Centre. Managing Director Ian Pollard accepted the award on behalf of Delta and acknowledged the Delta team in his speech: “Many thanks to ANZIIF for this award. This is truly humbling and is a reflection of the dedication, blood, sweat and tears from all at Delta Force over the last five years. We would like to thank each one of our amazing team in order of tenure: from our Board and… Read more
Fun times at the Singapore Fintech Festival 15 November 2017 - As a founding member of Fintech NZ, General Manager Craig Kirk joined the delegation of industry experts to attend the Fintech Festival in Singapore. This was a fantastic way to showcase the technological innovation occurring within the New Zealand financial services industries. One of the key outcomes of the trip was that FintechNZ has joined the ASEAN Fintech Network. Craig was also busy on the Delta stand with the Singapore team - Eugene Cheong, Managing Director; Serena Lee, Financial Lines Manager; and Cecilia Lim, Finance & Office Manager - showcasing Delta products and technology to… Read more
Life in the fast lane 9 November 2017 - The Deloitte Fast 50 Awards night was a night of inspiration, enthusiasm and pragmatism. The stories of these Fast 50 companies were a fantastic display of Kiwi vision and can-do attitude. At Delta, we feel honoured and privileged to be amongst these incredible companies and are immensely proud to be the 34th fastest growing company in New Zealand in 2017. Managing Director Ian Pollard and General Manager Craig Kirk accepted the award on behalf of the Delta team.       Read more
A mighty fine day at the races 7 November 2017 - The dapper crew congregated at Fort Street for a few looseners before heading to Ellerslie for the main event. A sun-soaked day and a prime location beside the track assisted with the festivities. Congrats to Jasper for being the man about town and making it to the finals of the Melbourne Cup Day Style Awards. Looking suave! Also congratulations go to Ashley Greer from Apex and Sammy Chan from Willis for winning the Delta Best Dressed Awards. Although the day didn’t quite match the last-race bonanza from last year, at least Ian acted on a… Read more
Comprehensive cover for the Manufacturing industry 6 November 2017 - The New Zealand manufacturing sector is experiencing strong growth, with exports of $49 billion last year, according to Statistics New Zealand. However, increased competition in the sector has required innovation and new product development and this has in turn given rise to its own challenges, such as heightened scope for product design defects and quality control issues. In the food segment, we continue to see regular product recalls, with about 40 food products being recalled in New Zealand so far this year. Additionally, embedded technology in equipment and machinery means that these products are now… Read more
High tech on the Mainland 14 September 2017 - As the largest insurance provider for New Zealand’s technology sector, Delta was on hand at the Canterbury Tech Summit to keep abreast of the latest developments in technology. Karl Samson, our South Island Portfolio Manager, was joined by John Moore, our Senior Underwriter & Financial Lines Manager, at the Summit. Hot topics that were discussed included bitcoins, blockchains and cryptocurrency; cyber security in the Cloud; the revenue model for video production company 90 Seconds; and opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in New Zealand. Read more
Highlighting Cyber Security Threats at The Financial Services Council conference 8 September 2017 - As part of the Financial Services Council conference on Navigating Change, Managing Director Ian Pollard was asked to moderate a panel discussion on Data Fraud and Cyber Security. He was joined by Nick Thompson from Propello, Ian Fletcher from InPhySec, Paul Ash from DPMC and Carmen Vicelich from Data Insight. Ian’s introduction to the panel discussion: “Thank you to the committee for the opportunity to be here today. For those of you who know me this is a subject that is very close to my heart; and especially the insurance solutions surrounding such (Cyber insurance… Read more
Embracing technology at the ANZIIF conference 7 September 2017 - General Manager Craig Kirk was asked to lead a forum discussion at the Insurance Conference NZ in Auckland on the changing face of technology in the industry. The conference this year focused on the changes taking place with customer engagement and how it can benefit both the customer and the organisation. Topics discussed were how to improve customer experience and gain a competitive edge, how new technology can add value to the customer, and how Air New Zealand created such a successful customer experience programme. Amongst other things General Manager Craig Kirk addressed the following… Read more
The ‘D word’ (Disruption) 15 August 2017 - General Manager Craig Kirk talks to ANZIIF Writer Anna Game-Lopata about FinTechNZ, the new kid on the block: New Zealand already has a very vibrant tech sector with some world-leading innovations. By nature, Kiwis are incredibly pioneering and resilient and this has created a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem of companies with a ‘can-do’ attitude who support each other. That’s according to Delta Insurance co-founder and director Craig Kirk, who is also on the Core Working Group of the New Zealand Financial Innovation and Technology Association (FinTechNZ). While Kirk concedes that the insurtech movement in New Zealand is still… Read more
Delta establishes Mainland presence 11 August 2017 - A warm welcome to Karl Samson as our Delta man on the ground for the South Island. Karl has come onboard to look after our growing business and develop our existing broker relationships. Ian and Craig are delighted that Karl has decided to join the team. Says Ian: “Karl’s impressive credentials are ideally suited to this role and he is going to add a lot of value with his local knowledge. For us, it’s vital that we have someone on the ground who is 100% aware of the requirements and issues facing brokers in the… Read more
Singapore expansion in the press 7 July 2017 - The launch of our Singapore office has generated some great press both in Singapore and New Zealand... The Straits Times: Delta Insurance opens for business in Singapore The Singapore Business Times: New company under Lloyd's coverholder model to offer cyber insurance Finews Asia: Insuretech Firm in Singapore launch Today Online: First dedicated cyber risk coverage for firms launched Radio New Zealand Business News: Delta taking on Asia  Insurance Business: Delta launches overseas bizEDGE: Auckland tech risk management company expands to Singapore Scoop: Auckland’s Delta Insurance expands into Singapore Fintech Innovation: New Zealand-based Delta Insurance launches in Singapore Live News: Delta's Singapore launch Voxy: Delta Insurance opens… Read more
NBR interview: Singapore is just the start 7 July 2017 - Nathan Smith from the National Business Review talks to Managing Director Ian Pollard about the opening of their Singapore office and Delta's global growth strategy: Singapore will become the first overseas office to open in an ambitious expansion plan for Delta Insurance New Zealand. Delta Insurance supplies specialty liability insurance, UAV insurance, technology risk solutions and cyber coverage in New Zealand. The move to open in Singapore is part of its broader business strategy to grow globally and launch in 10 countries in 10 years. The locally owned and privately-held company was co-founded by managing… Read more
Delta launches Singapore office 5 July 2017 - Yesterday we were excited to launch our first overseas office in Singapore. The move is part of our broader business strategy to grow globally. Singapore was a natural next step for us due to its position as a global centre of finance, commerce and technology. There are similarities with the New Zealand Fintech and Technology industries and we believe there will also be other regional opportunities for us, using Singapore as a base. We are the first Cyber and Technology Lloyd’s Coverholder in Asia, which we think is a timely move as Singapore’s drive towards a digital economy increases the value and importance of data. "Singapore… Read more
Customer Satisfaction Survey 26 June 2017 - We are always seeking ways to improve on our products and services and we sent out a customer satisfaction survey to 700 brokers in May. We were over the moon with the feedback we received and it has spurred us on to work even harder for our brokers and their clients. We achieved a Net Promoter Score of 38 (compared with the New Zealand Insurance average NPS score of 11). 98% said the quality of our service is Extremely Good or Good 97% said the quality of our products are Extremely Good or Good 97% said our… Read more
Insurance opportunity in wake of WannaCry 9 June 2017 - The recent global ransomware attack has highlighted the important role of the insurance industry in mitigating cyberattacks. Managing Director Ian Pollard spoke to Nerine Zoio from Insurance Business: "Ransomware attacks comprised 40% of our company’s insured cyber claims over the last 12 months. I predict the number of cyber insurers will double over the next two years (from eight to 16) and peak in 2018, making it the best time for New Zealand businesses to buy cyber insurance,” he said. “The global cyber insurance market will increase tenfold within the next eight years from US$3.5 billion… Read more