Food Manufacturing Liability Insurance

Delta has developed a specific liability wording for the Food & Beverage Manufacturing sector which carries some unique coverage sections which are often not addressed under standard General Liability and Statutory Liability policies.

The Food Manufacturers Liability package provides a comprehensive liability solution including Product Recall risks that are unique to the food manufacturing sector. Along with standard Broadform Liability, this policy also covers Product Recall, slow and gradual Pollution, Errors & Omissions and Crisis Management cover.

Coverage Benefits

In addition to the Broadform liability coverage under this offering are also the following:

• Product Recall – provides cover for losses as a result of a defect or deficiency in the product which poses a danger to the user, including malicious product tampering. Covered losses include recall costs, replacement costs and compensation to third parties in the distribution chain.

• Errors & Omissions – covers financial losses incurred by customers and third parties as a result of design, formulation or manufacturing of a product.

• Pollution Damage – provides cover for clean up costs and compensation to third parties arising out of a pollution event. This not only covers sudden and accidental pollution events (as in a standard General Liability policy) but extends to also cover slow and gradual pollution as well.

• Crisis Management – covers expenses incurred to help mitigate negative publicity generated by a
crisis event.

• Consequential Losses – covers business interruption losses resulting from a covered claim.


  NZ and Pacific Islands domiciled risks

  Worldwide Jurisdiction can be provided


Target Industries

  Food Products


  Cosmetics and toiletries


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