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UAV Operators Insurance

UAV Operators Insurance

The emergence of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) has seen a rise in innovation and creativity for commercial purposes. As UAV technology has become more advanced, commercial applications have expanded into such diverse industries as construction, film, agriculture and real estate bringing with it a broadened range of risk


As a business operating or licensing drones, this cover addresses your specific risks associated with UAVs, including damage to your UAV’s hull, third party liability, statutory liability and privacy breaches.

Coverage Benefits

Tailored to aviation risks

Complete operating system cover

Airframe, payload, launch station, UAV spare parts and ground control station.

Add-on packages

Can be packaged with other coverages such as employer’s liability, cyber liability, professional indemnity, statutory liability and damage to UAV in transit.


NZ and Pacific Island domiciled risks

Target Segments

Media/Film and Videography


Emergency Response/Disaster Relief

Emergency Authorities

Real Estate and Construction





$500,000 for Hull

$10m for Liability Up to $20m

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